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Our Team


Meeghan Mackenzie RMT, CLT

Massage Therapy, Owner, she/her

“When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their bodies to manifest these in a physical manner. My great passion in life has been to facilitate healing through Manual Therapy”

- Meeghan Mackenzie

Meeghan has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist since June 2005. Throughout her practice she has grown and evloved as a therapist affording her the opportunity to work with a broad range of clients. She specializes in pre and post-op surgical lymphatic drainage, scar tissue release and is among 350 Certified Lymphedema Therapists (CLT) in Canada. She has extensive knowledge and treats with various therapeutic modalities including the highly refined brain therapy and myofascial cupping. Through the blend of science and art, she focuses on incorporating the right balance of relaxation with therapeutic techniques creating and curating a specialized combination therapy style with a commitment to the understanding that there is no single approach when it comes to solving individual healthcare needs.


Raegan Brumer, Paediatric Nurse, RMT

Massage Therapy, she/her

Having 12 years of experience as a Massage Therapist and a Nurse, Raegan Brumer has a passion to help others heal, and has come to view health and wellness in a holistic manner. By piecing together both internal and external components, such as lifestyle choices, stress and physical activity, she develops a treatment plan that best suits each individual and their current needs.

After graduating from Lethbridge College in 2010, she has continually expanded her knowledge and experience. She travelled to Thailand to explore the Thai method and its benefits, continued her education in Myofascial Cupping Technique and Lymphatic Drainage. Her practice is fluid, slow and therapeutic, interweaving deep fascial work combined with active stretching and a touch of relaxation. She is nurturing, open and invested in her clients well-being.

In her spare time, Raegan enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelling and camping. She also enjoys studying neurosciences to further understand the brain and how it dictates human behaviours.


Jenna Pittman, RMT

Massage Therapy, she/her

Jenna is a Registered Massage Therapist who for the past 13 years has been passionate about providing massage to help clients with muscle recovery and overall stress reduction. Helping you achieve optimal health by alleviating any pain or stress you may have in your daily life is her ultimate goal with each client. She has dedicated her efforts in honing a variety of techniques such as the Myofascial Cupping Technique and also practices traditional Fire Cupping. She enjoys helping support athletes, motor vehicle accident clients and also supports women's health pre and post natal.


Sasha Bernard, RMT

Massage Therapy, she/her

Sasha Bernard was born and raised in Calgary, AB. She graduated with honours from MHVicars school of massage therapy in 2015. Sasha’s practice includes relaxation, trigger point therapy, cupping and pre/postnatal massage. Sasha recently completed training in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with the Chikly Health Institute and is also trained in the popular Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage. Each treatment is tailored to the clients specific need and usually includes one or 2 of the above mentioned modalities. Sasha loves helping people, she is a passionate mother to four children and enjoys watching them play football in her spare time.


Jaida Green, RMT

Massage Therapy, she/her

Practicing massage therapy for over two decades Jaida brings to the table experience, knowledge and wisdom.

In her practice she uses a variety of techniques such as myofascial release, muscle stripping and trigger point therapy to assist her clients in their healing process. She enjoys helping expectant mothers, new mothers, athletes and anyone looking to manage their stressful lives and patterns as a result of a busy schedule.

Jaida is also a trained Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction therapist and can assist in helping with your pain and discomfort in the jaw and surrounding area. Let Jaida help you get back to comfortable eating, and rid the discomfort in your face and neck muscles.

In her spare time, she participates in many different sports and physical endeavours. The most recent a loppet (a great gathering of skiers who ski on specifically groomed trails of various distances) and finished the Calgary marathon to celebrate her 50th birthday.

A mother of two, she can appreciate the commitment it takes to carve out time for massage and considers it a privilege be part of your wellness routine.


Emma Lim, Student RMT

Student Massage Therapist, she/her

Emma is currently a massage therapy student at Mount Royal University and is excited to graduate this December. Coming from an athletic background as a competitive gymnast, Emma strives to help find balance in the body and go through life pain free. Reducing stress, anxiety and muscle imbalances in the body are her main focus during massages and each treatment is individualized for each client. She is excited to join this group of experienced therapists and continue to grow and learn!

A note from the practice

Practicum IV students are in their second year and are learning treatments for advanced conditions and pathologies. Students at this stage are providing therapeutic massages and have over 1100 hours of training.

At Renu Health our senior therapists have over 40 plus years of experience combined between us and sharing our knowledge and expertise to a young therapist is truly a passion we all share.

Booking with Emma not only furthers her ability to be able to care for clients but it gives her an opportunity as a young therapist to be mentored by a team of passionate therapists.

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