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If you are preparing for surgery or recovering from one, lymphatic drainage is the best option for you. There are a myriad of pre and post-surgical benefits. Why you ask? Well, your lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system. In fact, it is your immune system. For optimal results it is recommended that lymphatic drainage be applied for one to three sessions prior to surgery. This process drains toxins and stimulates the immune system, the autonomic nervous system (the parasympathetic one). Many surgeons have openly expressed that they find it easier to make an incision through clean, well-drained tissue, particularly in any sort of plastic surgery. This creates a higher chance for a nicer approximation of the scar. Thereafter, lymphatic drainage therapy can begin as soon as 24 hours after surgery, with the approval of the physician– as long as there are no contraindications (especially infection).




For any surgery involving the removal of major lymph nodes:

post-mastectomy, post-prostratectomy, post hysterectomy, post-ovariectomy, post-nephrectomy, tumor removal.

These treatments will be done by Meeghan Mackenzie RMT, CLT .

Please call the clinic 403-270-2111 to book a free 15min consultation



It is strongly advised that you get lymphatic drainage after surgical procedures as it is known to speed up recovery. Swelling is one of the most common side effects of surgery as it is a normal inflammatory response and a part of your body’s healing process as fluids rush into the area to nourish it with white blood cells. Lymphatic drainage not only promotes this process but additionally prevents protien rich fluid build-up post-surgery and reduces recovery time significantly by reducing swelling and bruising. Immediate treatment, especially after cosmetic procedures, also prevents fibrosis all while having a calming effect on the nervous system. As a result, it speeds up the recovery process by activating the natural healing mechanisms of your body and should be received within days of surgery by a licensed lymphatic therapist.

We recommend treatment every two to three days for the first two weeks in the case of major plastic surgery.


MLD Accelerated Healing for Post Surgery:

In a recent study conducted by Doctors Casa’s & Depoli’s patients were offered MLD for Post-op recovery. The groups that received MLD experienced:

*Decreased Swelling
*Decreased Bruising
*Scar Minimization
*Pain Management
*Shortened Recovery Time
*Special cushion and consideration for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery

Conclusions: “Typically, we see patients recover in 9-10 months post- surgery. With MLD, patients healed in under 3 months – significantly shortening the post-operative recovery phase.”

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